Thunder-Over-Louisville - arunphotography

It’s April and we were glad the day was hot – yes you hears it right, we are yet rescued from the hands of cold even in April. April - Still in the peril! But today was different and we had hot blazing sun out and perfect condition for Thunder to strike in Louisville. Residing in Holland, Me and my friends drove 6 hrs to reach Louisville. I have witnessed a festival in a small town like Holland, and always wondered where di d so much people came from?. But I was even more amazed to see the huge wave of crowd sitting in the 3pm hot sun in the banks to see the Air show. There was no fall back for the festive mode. Coming to the pictures, we reached the spot by 3 pm and sat on the ground near the shore facing the sun. The Air show started and flights were doing their round about and stunts. This is the first air show I am participating and the feel was really good. It was good to see the flights so close and doing awesome stunts. The sun was harsh and had to settle with normal shots with the flight initially. As the sun went down, the sky started to ease out its rich color and the flight’s trail just added more drama to the shots. As the clock was reaching near 8.30 PM, people started to get ready for the big event – Fireworks. Yes, the fireworks were always the famous ones in any shows and since its being the 25th anniversary of the Thunder over Louisville, we are in stored for some special show.

I moved to a pain entrance to get a good view of the bridge. It was 9.30 and dark, I was ready. Then it started. The magnificent ability of little metals in powder form can fly up in the air and burn itself to fill our eye with awesome colors – The FIREWORKS. Since it was the 25th anniversary they had two fireworks spots apart from the usual spot(bridge). It was a treat to one’s eyes to watch both the fireworks display to go in tandem and the scene was awesome. I was cursing myself for not having a ultra wide angle lens to capture both the fireworks in a single frame. The fireworks lasted for about half hour and I was satisfied with the pics that have come out. This is a awesome festival and If you can make sure you attend it next year.

To be honest I have not mastered the art of taking fireworks, but have tried my best as always to capture them. First and fore most, the camera was wet to Manual mode and Auto focus. You don’t want your camera to keep changing the settings for each and every pics. The next important thing is tripod. You surely want to have a firm tripod which does not shake for heavy wind as well. Apart from wide angle lens, the last important item is remote trigger. You will be taking pics like you are taking for time lapse. You don’t want to keep clicking the pics from the camera trigger for every three seconds. Once the set up is ready, we just wait for the fireworks to start and start clicking. Take a few shots and adjust the exposure. The best fireworks will be with zero ambient light. I took these pics mostly between 3 sec to 10 sec with even exposure of f/9.

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