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Its time to play with some rain but this time not with real rain but in Photoshop. I have tried this concept already for a different photo-shoot but since then I wanted to try this for a couple shoot. Finally I got the opportunity to try the concept with couple. Let me explain step by step how I ended up with the image.

The whole idea was to use the see through Umbrella and try some new concepts with the umbrella. I planned the initial shot to make the flash burst from the center of the umbrella and couples holding the umbrella in their hands facing straight and looking in to each other eyes. But that was for some reason looked very simple and wanted to show little more intimacy between the couples. Intimacy is shown more realistic when the couples kiss each other and especially wit eyes closed.

It was dark and the shot was framed for a wide angle lens, so couples eyes cannot be captured and the pic will be any way be less details of the humans. That’s when decided to capture the shadows of the couples with the umbrella with umbrella in between the couples and the camera. The key is to light the couples such that their shadow is casted on the inside of umbrella. The flash cannot be places too close to the subject and not too far. If placed too close the shadows will not be proportional and will be huge compared to the couples. If placed far, will light up the entire scene and the shadow will not be hard enough to register on the umbrella. Hence finding the right distance for placing the flash is important. Against the tradition of dispersing the flash light, its time to go little directional on the flash light. We don’t want to light to spill too much other than the umbrella. Remember, Umbrella is a giant diffuser itself so try a well directed beam of light. The best way is to use grid, but since I don’t have a grid I just went for the straight flash at the umbrella. The flash is placed, the couples were in position and its time to execute the shot.

Exif data:

Camera:- Canon 5D Mark iii

Lens:- Canon 24-105 f/4 L

Exposure: 1/30 sec

Focal Length : 90 mm

F Number : f/4 ISO – 250

Flash:- Canon 580 EX ii

Post Processing:

I extended the image to become more rectangle. Made the image black and white. Added rain effect to the image by custom brush.

Find the before and after image below. 



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