I am a photographer based in Detroit,MI. Satisfying my craving for photography by capturing the best moments of Nature in a days time.

My style and approach is simple, bold,classic and true. Freeze the moment as pixels when mother nature opens herself in vibrant colors.

When the world is under a zombie attack or if my shoe is chewed by my dog or if my lazy part kicks me back to my couch, or if I feel my portrait lens has become a home for a spider, I am forced to stay inbound and I try my hands on portrait photography.

In the initial days of my learning, I have tried my hands on Event Photography and Album making as well. 

So can you trust me for your project ? yes. Here is why..... I have special dedication and interest when I have camera in my hand. I have tried all forms of photography ( of course not everything but almost everything ;) ) and have the confidence and interest that would make a satisfying picture for both me and for you. I have captured some special moments in people's life which made a broad smile in their face and made them to cherish that moment for a life time. Above all, I like taking pictures :)

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